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!!! Try Scuba Diving !!!


Our Try Scuba/Discovery dive is highest rated experience in Croatia for a first time divers. Why?

Because we ONLY dive individually, with max 2 persons and in that way provide maximum safety and full dedication for anxious and, sometimes, scared new divers.

Our dive is always longer than 45min, it is a private activity without big groups and in that way we effectively eliminate all the stress, even with non swimmers.

You will get your time appointment and we will meet in our Dive Center, exactly at

the beach where we will do our dive, on a beautiful location that we proudly call our Home Reef.

For whole session we need 2 hours, approximately 1 hour for preparation and theory and another hour in the water. 

After 2 days your photos and videos will be uploaded to Google Drive and you will be provided with a link to download it.

To participate you will have to be healthy and older than 8 years.

Don't forget to bring your swimsuit and towel.

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