Discover Scuba Diving

Your instructor will teach you all you need to know in order to be completely comfortable and safe during your first underwater experience...


Diving is fun, easy and exciting. Take your Scuba diver certification course and start your underwater adventure with a proper instruction. SCUBA diving will be an excit­ing and enjoyable lifetime sport that will change both -  your body and your mind...

Diving- Snorkeling Tours

Join us for a diving or snorkeling tour to the most beutiful and breathtaking locations Adriatic Sea has to offer...

Bike Adventure

Our rides future tons of local culture and heritage designed to give you a meaningful experiences while traveling. Start with the great mountain biking or an easy ride by the beach and enjoy one of the 45 km long bike routes in Makarska Riviera...


Sail with us on a daily trip or just get a transfer to some of the most beautiful Croatian islands.

Embrace the sea and the wind...

Speed boat & Biking

Get to one of the Croatian most interesting bike trails on Island of Brač or Hvar with our speed boat.

Enjoy the island biking and get on a boat by the evening on the same place or any other you bike to.

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